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Find out how we got our start in the printer service and repair business and why we decided to offer environmentally-friendly options to both businesses and individuals.



In the late 1980's, Don and Phyllis Holzderber were involved in busy office settings with a shared vision of environmental harmony. Having noticed how wasteful businesses could be, they endeavored to help companies participate more effectively and economically in recycling programs.


Founded in 1991

Don and Phyllis pioneered their environmentally-friendly system of printer cartridge recycling and realized that a large sector of the business community also believed in controlling waste.


Significant cost savings

Since the inception of Laser Printer Systems, the Holzderbers have helped the environment by successfully preventing millions of tons of wasted cartridges from entering our local landfills.

In business for over 20 years with more than 50 years of industry experience!

Superior service

Earth-friendly products

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